Ground Chuck $4.59/lb 
Grocery Store
Ground Chuck  $4.99/lb
At Spezzano's, we grind our own beef in 20 lb batches as we need it.  We use whole beef Chucks, Rounds and Sirloin to grind our meat fresh.  This ensures that our Ground Beef  always has the best flavor you'll find. And it's always free of chemical preservatives or coloring.
Our Ground Beef is good for you and Good for your Budget.
(Prices current 12/30/18 in Tyrone, Ga)
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Ribeye Steaks     Publix--$14.99     Kroger--$14.99  Spezzano's--$12.99
Ground Sirloin     Publix--$6.99       Kroger--$6.99 Spezzano's--$5.69
Boneless Chicken   Publix--$5.89       Kroger--$5.89 Spezzano's--$4.69

Half Sub Sandwich  Publix--$5.59      Kroger--$5.49 Spezzano's--$4.95
(Price per pound)
Stew Beef             Publix--$6.49        Kroger--$6.49 Spezzano's--$5.99
Cubed Steak           Publix--$6.49        Kroger--$6.49 Spezzano's--$5.69